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Innovator Branko ZupanBranko Zupan is a professional football coach with a UEFA Pro Licence, a graduate of the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a physical education teacher. He has more than 25 years of valuable playing and coaching experience – at both club and national level. Already when playing as a goalkeeper for the national team, he could see his own physical limits when doing extreme exercise. If Branko were to be described with a single word, it would be easy: RESEARCHER. He is a tireless researcher and seeker of PATHS to become even better in a natural, creative way – in professional sports, football and life generally.

His researching nature and free spirit led Branko to start the independent international football project "An Ace in the feet" in April 2008. It is here that he is leading his own football academy for young footballers and professionals. The academy curriculum is based on an integrated approach, featuring experts from Slovenia and abroad. The academy is also happy to offer its know-how to parents and coaches when they need expert advice on the development and professional career of their young footballers. Read more about the project on our website

Part of the project includes the development of innovations and sales of new products. Thus, in 2010 he collaborated with a Slovenian company to create his first sports training product – the Football JumPeak213 which you are learning about here on this site. The product is the outcome of Branko's continuous research and quest for new ways to improve athletes' training methods and enable them to do further training independently – even at home. Professional athletes' bodies need to be highly trained so they are always able to make the right move at the right time.

The Football JumPeak213 lets you workout individually with a whole series of repetitions, for which you would normally require a partner (to pass the ball to you and return it etc.). It is also a great way to exercise in pairs or in circuit training mode. It is an indispensable tool for mastering your football technique down to the tiniest detail!

Anyone aged between 6 and 14 who completely masters football techniques has an excellent basis for further upgrading their skills even after adolescence. Any workout, including on the Football JumPeak213, requires athletes to apply maximum focus and perform movements with feeling if it is to be effective.

Branko has combined all his practical experience in his ACE IN THE GAME original method and thus found a way to teach athletes how to maintain a high level of focus during training and matches alike and to act in line with their inner feeling.

Become part of this innovative movement – by purchasing and using the Football JumPeak213 sports training device!

Jump to the peak with a natural and creative workout!

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Barbara Rudolf Šparavalo, Programme coordinator

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